About Us

Larsen Boat Yard OÜ has a strong background within the boat industry. The company first started in 1995 as a boat repair shop where services included maintenance and rebuilds. In 2005, after the construction of purpose-built hangars, we started offering winter storage facilities. In 2007, we moved onto the construction and sale of our own boats under the Veega name.

At present, our in-house production includes RIBs that are built in our factory, located in the Port of Miiduranna in Estonia. The construction of our line of glass reinforced platic boats is split between our own factories and carefully selected sub-contractors.

In 2013, we launched a new brand for export markets – LarsenB, with main markets principally being Finland and Scandinavian countries.

If you are interested in becoming one of our dealers, please contact us at sales@larsenb.com.

Our Story

Boating takes time to master.

And with time comes capability. At LarsenB we have the capability and practical knowledge to provide you with the total boating experience. Grounded in years of boating tradition, we take our craft very seriously. Because boating is a serious business, and we believe a boat retailer should understand the qualities vital for you to enjoy your experience on the waves.

The birth of LarsenB

Not only responsible, but friendly too, we are on-hand to help deliver one of our range of boats to you. Be it an ocean or lake-goer, a yacht or customised fishing vessel. 

And, we know that the world of boating is competitive. This why we know that our know-how can help you. So, if you’re out at sea facing the elements or simply looking after your boat at your country house, you’ll want a Larsen under your feet. 

No nonsense boats. 

LarsenB sails for quality.

16. detsembrist 2013 15. detsembrini 2014 aitas Larsen Boat Yard OÜ-l turundustegevusi ellu viia Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja starditoetuse programm.

Perioodil 23.12.2013 kuni 30.04.2014 viidi Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi kaasrahastamisel läbi projekt „LarsenB bränd” VEEGA GRUPP OÜs. Projekt sai tuge EASi Teadmiste ja oskuste arendamise toetamise meetmest.